These terms of sale will apply if You place orders on Our Site.


1.1 Becoming a Customer

1.1.1 To place an order on Our Site You must be over 18 years of age, require Delivery in Our Delivery area or a Collection in Our office and have a debit card acceptable to Us in Your name.

1.1.2 When You register You will create a username and password which You must use whenever You shop with Us. You must treat Your username and password as confidential and must not disclose it to any third party. Please keep this information in a safe place because You will be responsible for all activities and orders made under Your password and username. If You think that someone else may either know or be using Your username and password, please contact Us immediately.

1.1.3 We reserve the right to decline a new customer registration or to suspend or disable Your Account at any time and at Our sole discretion.


1.2 Our Contract

1.2.1 Our Site invites You to buy goods from Us. Once You have placed an order on the Site We will send You an order acknowledgement by email setting out what You have ordered and the price of Your order. This is not an order confirmation or acceptance from Us. A legally binding contract with You will only arise once We have completed Delivery of the goods to You or You have completed Collection of the goods from Us. At this time You become the owner of the goods. This means that You will have no legal liability in connection with Your order until Delivery or Collection (as applicable) is completed.

1.2.2 These terms regulate the supply of goods to You by ỌLỌ́JÀ. Any other terms, conditions or representations (other than those made fraudulently or implied by statute) are excluded.

1.2.3 The failure of ỌLỌ́JÀ to take any action in respect of a breach of these terms and conditions shall not constitute a waiver of their enforceability. ỌLỌ́JÀ reserves its rights in respect of these terms and conditions at all times.


1.3 Price

1.3.1 The price of the item(s) You order will be the price on the Site at the time You place Your order or amend Your order. If a new price or promotion is in place after You have placed Your order for example a price reduction which may be advertised on the packaging of goods you have ordered, these prices and promotions will not be applied to Your order.

1.3.2 We give You the choice of ordering certain items such as fruit and vegetables either by weight or by quantity. As it is difficult to select loose items such as these to an exact weight, if You order these items by weight We’ll charge You for the actual weight picked – and We always try and get as near as possible to the weight You ordered.

1.3.3 In addition to the price, a Delivery charge as shown at checkout will also be payable by You.

1.3.4 There is a minimum order value, this is displayed on the Site.

1.3.7 We will debit the total value of Your checked-out order once it has been Delivered or Collected. However, if there are differences between Your checked-out order and the contents of Your Delivered or Collected order, an adjustment will need to be made to the amount debited from Your debit card. In the event the total value of goods Delivered is less than the checked-out order amount (for example if an item was unavailable and removed from Your order or due to price changes in accordance with 3.3.1 above), You will be refunded the difference. The total amount payable by You for Your order (following any adjustment required) will be the amount shown at the bottom of the Delivery note given to You at the time of Delivery or Collection. Any required adjustments will be processed on the day of Delivery or Collection and may appear as a separate line on Your debit card statement. However, the adjustment may take up to 5 working days to appear on Your statement depending on Your card issuer.

1.3.8 All prices quoted are inclusive of any Value Added or other tax


1.4 No Excuses Guaranteed

Changing your Mind

1.4.1 You can cancel or amend Your order at any time prior to Delivery or Collection. Due to how Our systems work, if You want to add goods to Your order and keep the same Delivery or Collection date, You need to Let Us Know before midnight on the day before Your order is due to be Delivered or Collected. If You want to remove goods from Your order or cancel it altogether, it is preferable if You Let Us Know before 5pm on the day before Your order is due to be Delivered or Collected. This helps Us keep Our costs down and Our prices low and releases Delivery and Collection slots for other customers.

1.4.2 You can change Your order anytime up to 5pm a day before your order is due, but We won’t necessarily be able to Deliver during Your originally selected Delivery slot, or provide Your Collection during Your originally selected Collection slot. We may need to agree another day and time to complete Your order.

How refunds work

1.4.8 If You are entitled to return goods or cancel Your order under this clause 3.4 and We have already debited Your card, We will reimburse any sum received from. Refunds can take up to 20 days to appear in your bank or debit card account. This may depend on which bank you use and where it is located.

1.4.9 If You have any problems with your purchase, or want advice on how we can offer help and assistance. Please contact Customer Services by emailing us 8am and 5pm Mondays – Fridays.


1.6 Delivering Your Goods

1.6.1 We always aim to Deliver Your goods within the Delivery slot We have agreed with You, but We cannot accept liability if We Deliver the goods outside of this slot or don’t Deliver all or any of the goods in Your order.

1.6.2 Ownership of, and risk in, the goods will pass to You once We have Delivered Your order. If the delivery address stated on Your order is not the address where You live We will not be liable for any damage or detriment to the goods caused by their onward delivery to You.

1.6.3 We can only Deliver to an address stored in Your address book in the Your Account section of Our Site. We can only make a Delivery to an address within Our delivery area.

1.6.4 Our commitment is to deliver Your order to Your front door or communal entrance. Our drivers may offer to help unload the goods into Your home, however there may be instances where this may not be possible which may include (but not be limited to):

  • where Our driver believes it is unsafe or impractical to enter the property;
  • where Our driver has not received clear permission to enter the property; and
  • where Our driver is required to carry the goods a distance which s/he believes to be unreasonable.

Where the only access to Your front door is by stairs, for example in an apartment block that does not have a lift, Our driver will call You and arrange to meet You in a communal area on the ground floor for You to collect Your goods. If You live in a block of flats and there is a lift, Our driver will take the goods to your front door by the lift. Our driver may offer to help unload the goods into Your home but will consider the factors listed above before doing so.

1.6.5. If there is no one at the Delivery address We’ll leave notification of Our visit and will return the goods to Our store and refrigerate. We’ll then contact You to arrange re-Delivery at a convenient time. You will have to pay another Delivery charge for this.


1.7 Collecting Your Goods

1.7.1 We always aim for You to be able to Collect Your order within the Collection slot We have agreed with You, but We cannot accept liability if We provide the goods for Collection outside of this slot or do not provide all or any of the goods in Your Collection order.

1.7.2 Ownership of, and risk in, the goods will pass to You once You have Collected Your order.

3.7.3 We can only allow Collection of orders from the ỌLỌ́JÀ office address stated in Your order.

3.7.5 If there is no one to collect Your order at the Collection point, We will notify You and return the goods to Our store and refrigerate. We’ll then contact You to re-arrange Collection at a convenient time.


1.8 What We are Not Liable For

1.8.1 Whilst We take every care to Deliver Your order or provide Your order for Collection (as applicable), We cannot be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage or loss of profits or reliance You had in having the goods Delivered to You or having the goods available for Collection from Us, arising out of Our supply or failure to supply the goods to You.

1.8.4 With the exception of faulty goods or returns made in accordance with clause 3.4 of these terms, We shall not be liable for goods once they have been Delivered to the delivery address, or Collected from us at the collection address, stated in Your order and if You ask a third party to move, transport or deliver the goods to any other address following Our Delivery or Your Collection, We shall not be liable for anything that that third party might do to the goods.