Ọlọ́jà is an online fresh food store committed to providing convenience by delivering the highest quality, fresh, natural and affordable food item to your door step.

Ọlọ́jà is here to meet the growing demand of business/career women, working mothers and a lot of individuals who wish to purchase fresh food produce but do not have the time to visit the major markets to shop.

We are positioned to spare you the hassles that often times come with fresh food shopping which can be time consuming, while saving you some change in your grocery wallet.

Take advantage of Ọlọ́jà’s EveryWeek Low Prices on a huge assortment of groceries and save time by shopping online.

Simply visit our website (https://oloja.ng/) to place an order online; make your shopping list by selecting your items, choose a preferred delivery day, pay conveniently and securely online, and your order will be delivered right to your doorstep!

Our poultry, meat and sea food would be delivered dressed.

Our green leafy veggies would be chopped, if specified; and all freshly packed.

Product prices would be updated on our website on a weekly basis to reflect going market prices.

Our Promise: To deliver fresh food stuff to your door step at more affordable prices

Our Vision: Promote healthy life style through fresh healthy foods