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Note that whereas a constant-voltage generator has negligible internal impedance, a constant-current generator should have infinite internal impedance ideally. 2la) unconsciously as a matter of 'common sense', the current division rule appears less easily understood . 21b. 22) This is the current division rule. 21a. 4 General Mesh Analysis A general method will be given by which the reader may write down the simultaneous equations for the solution of any linear network systematically, thus minimising the possibility of errors.

Circuit Analysis Partial Correction Although power-factor correction capacitors require little maintenance their initial cost may be such as to make full correction unjustifiable. 9, may be employed. l2b for partial correction. l2c where I cz < I CI and thus only cancels a part of h sin if> leaving a vertical component h sin if> - f~. The new total current is thus a lagging phase-angle if>2 where r« ti. sin if> - fcz if>2 = arctan - - - - - h cosif> Power-factor correction is chiefly employed to correct the lagging powerfactors of the inductive windings of electrical motors and, to a lesser extent, the lagging power -factor produced by discharge-lamp circuitry .

Phasor addition of h and Ie gives (h - Ie) which when combined with IR gives the total current I as shown (assuming Xc> XL). By Pythagoras or II I = I V I x j [~2 + (;L - ;e) Hence IZ I IVI - II I =1J~,+GL 2J ;JJ! - 1 n and ¢ = arctan IL - Ie IR = arctan (I/XL) - (I/Xd l/R the phase angle lagging in this case since lt. > Ie (Xc> Xd. Again if the circuit is only a two-component one, say RL , we can use the above equations putting Xc equal to infinity. Similarly for RC parallel circuits we can put XL to infinity.

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