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Dinkin stood, carefully wiping his mouth, then his fingers, free of sausage grease. That done, he stuck out a meaty paw for Anna to shake. "I take it you're the new district ranger," he said amiably enough. Dense black hair was sprinkled with wiry white. He wore it close to his skull, the part marked in by the barber's clippers. His face was lined more by the extra flesh than age. Beyond those drawbacks, Dinkin was an attractive man. His skin deep brown, the tone even and rich, his cars small and close to his head, his teeth crooked but not stained.

The man who had frightened away her beastle was a Confederate soldier: his crumpled gray cap looked as if it had seen more than one campaign, and his gray button-front trousers, worn and sweat-stained, were held up by suspenders, the trouser legs stuffed into battered black boots. The hallucination didn't stop with the soldier. Behind him, two tents, old and made of canvas, were pitched around a central fire, where a couple more soldiers, sleeves rolled to greet the coming heat, a day's growth of beard darkening their chins, drank coffee out of tin parmikins.

Her first executive decision. She waited to see if it was going to cost her. Barth sat a moment, his face unreadable. " he asked abruptly. " Anna put down the coffee, having no idea whether she'd won or lost points in what was clearly going to be a tiresome course in power politics. As she followed him into the second office on the left, she tried without success to remember why she'd wanted to move up into management. She hated leading. She was damned if she was going to follow. As a field ranger in the West that individualism bad stood her in good stead.

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