John K. Cooley's Alliance Against Babylon: The US, Israel and Iraq PDF

By John K. Cooley

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New arguable examine the US-Israel connection by means of the bestselling writer of Unholy Wars Explores the roots of Israel's longstanding enmity with Iraq and its position in final year's conflict Cooley is an enormous international authority at the heart East lifestyles revenues of Unholy Wars overall over 26,000 copies The ruins of historic Babylon nonetheless stand in Iraq. they seem to be a reminder that modern-day clash is just one of many who have engulfed the rustic, and the broader center East, over the centuries. John Cooley, a former correspondent for ABC information and the Christian technological know-how video display, argues that America's new invasion and profession of Iraq marks a turning element within the West's dating with the Arab international, and alters the stability of energy in the heart East. He argues that the an important think about this new improvement is the connection among Israel and the U.S.. interpreting modern day difficulties from this targeted standpoint, Cooley covers a vast sweep of background, from biblical Babylonian occasions earlier. He exhibits how US and Israeli pursuits within the heart East have been contradictory at the beginning. He explains how and why the US-Israel alliance progressively advanced. Drawing from unpublished assets, in addition to from John Cooley's own encounters with relevant avid gamers resembling David ben-Gurion, the Shah of Iran, Anwar al-Sadat, King Hussein of Jordan and Saddam Hussein himself, this booklet provides a uniquely useful viewpoint at the complicated background of Iraq and why it remains to be on the center of worldwide affairs.

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They favored their Arab Sunni Muslim co-religionnaires, the Christians, and the Jews over the Shiite Persians, mainly because the rival Persian Empire was a religious and political threat to the Ottoman rulers in Constantinople. But from the twelfth century AD, when Benjamin of Tudela reported 40,000 Jews in Baghdad, worshipping in 28 synagogues and enjoying the favor of the Arab caliph, things began to change. The condition of Iraqi Jewry slowly declined. So did the political and social power of a Muslim (first Arab, then Turkish) establishment relatively well-disposed toward the Christian, Jewish, and other minorities in its midst.

Qxd 05/11/2004 16:33 Page 16 16 An alliance against Babylon to living in a remote province. It had been a flourishing center of culture, commerce and civilization, but now was a backwater wasted by wars and isolated from the main routes of international trade. S. diplomat Talcott Seelye, and an enterprising correspondent for America’s National Public Radio, came upon an ancient Jewish shrine south of Baghdad. It was reputed to be the prophet Ezekiel’s burial place. She found the shrine and its synagogue near the village of Al-Kifi “lovingly cared for” by members of the local Muslim Bani Hassan tribe.

S. President in 1912 (re-elected in 1916). qxd 05/11/2004 16:34 Page 36 36 An alliance against Babylon theological, principles who was not enthusiastic about backing World War I European Allies. At Germany’s request, he had in 1916 even tried to mediate and end the war. Only after German submarines began sinking American merchant ships in the Atlantic did he draw the United States into the war and send over a million Yankee soldiers to fight in Europe’s trenches. At the peace conferences following the war, he opposed, in vain, the secret undertakings of Britain and France to carve up the Middle East between them.

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