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By Susan B. Edgington

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ISBN-13: 9780199204861

The Historia Ierosolimitana, attributed to Albert of Aachen, is the main whole, the main special and the main vibrant of the modern narratives of the 1st campaign and the careers of the 1st new release of Latin settlers in Outremer from 1095-1119. It contains twelve books, the 1st six telling the tale of the 1st campaign via to the seize of Jerusalem in 1099 and its aftermath, and the ultimate six describing the inner and exterior politics of the crusader states through the first 20 years of cost. principally ignored by means of crusades scholarship, this contemporary version and translation permits it to be studied along greater identified bills. This quantity has been ready from a severe learn of all of the extant manuscripts, and lines the definitive Latin account, with English translation. Edgington helps the interpretation and textual content with an authoritative creation, wide ancient notes and demanding examine of the paintings. This quantity will modify the point of interest of crusades reports, producing curiosity in formerly left out facets of campaign and cost within the first many years of the 12th century.

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