Sean Reynolds's Against The Giants: The Liberation Of Geoff (AD&D Advanced PDF

By Sean Reynolds

ISBN-10: 0786914130

ISBN-13: 9780786914135

Publication by way of Reynolds, Sean

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The Headsman, by contrast, will generally use his axe after the first toss. ). " Cells have thick wooden doors set with a high barred window (about seven feet up, too high for the average human to peek thorough without some climbing). Inside each has rings set in the walls, chains, buckets, heaps of straw, and precious little else. Elven female for sacrifice in the Temple. She is of highly noble birth and if rescued will send her rescuers 10,000 gp, twenty arrows + I , an arrow ofgiant slaying, and a set of cloak and boots of elvenkind.

Contents: One black cloak and a pair of black boots (sized for a small human). These items give their wearer a 75% chance to be Hide in Shadows or Move Silently in dungeons, respectively. Trap: Trunk #4 Blade in lid chops down (same chance to hit as a fire giant) for 3dX hp damage-it will ruin two cubic feet of the silk if it misses the players. Three cubic feet of silk worth 3,000 gp per cubic foot. Coffer #1 Four poisoned needles shoot inwards from the inner sides when treasure is lifted, having a 25% chance of hitting any limb reaching into the coffer.

Currently in his forge in various stages of completion are three giant swords, some pieces of armor, and several axe and spear heads. He is fashioning a special mace (ld12 damage/ld8 vs. Large opponents) made of some strange black metal-actually a +4 magical weapon he is merely doing a bit of repair work on. If he is attacked and the encounter is going against him, there is a 2-in-6 chance per melee round that he will toss the mace into the lava bed and destroy it rather than let it fall into the hands of his enemies.

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Against The Giants: The Liberation Of Geoff (AD&D Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 25th Anniversary adventure) by Sean Reynolds

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