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By W. Leggett

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This well timed publication assesses the legacy of either the 3rd manner and its critics. interpreting the connection among social concept and political procedure, it outlines the foundation of a post-New Labour undertaking. Collapsing the limits among sociology and political technological know-how, this e-book is key studying for somebody attracted to center-left renewal.

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24 Blair endorses this notion of positive freedom (freedom to), as opposed to the negative view of liberty (freedom from) advocated by neoliberalism. However, as was noted above, he and other Third Wayers are also firmly against what they perceive as the levelling-down effect of pursuing equality of outcome. ’25 In practice the Third Way understanding of providing opportunity (as realising equal worth) involves meeting minimum standards of inclusion. The mantra of ‘no rights without responsibilities’ is perhaps the most closely associated with New Labour and the Third Way.

21 It provides a theoretical sketch of a possible role for the centre-left in the face of new times, by recombining aspects of left and right. The problem for centre-left political strategists is that philosophic conservatism in no sense provides a programmatic outline for a centreleft party such as New Labour. Philosophic conservatism is an account of the necessary, defensive function of politics per se, rather than a programme that is necessarily of the centre-left. Talk of acting as a facilitator for dialogue is unlikely to appeal to voters used to parties competing on the basis of definite programmes.

Such debates are ill-equipped to scrutinise claims to the novelty of Third Way politics in the light of sociological developments of the sort outlined in Chapter 1. Given the Third Way’s claims that the categories of left and right have been radically altered, and that it represents a departure from them, attempting to evaluate the Third Way against a static and enduring left–right axis is self-evidently problematic. In addition, attempts to compare the Third Way to previous ideological projects neglects those projects’ fluidity and diversity.

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