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By Michael Scott-Baumann

This booklet explores and analyzes the historical past of clash within the center East from British rule within the early 20th century to the Iraq warfare within the twenty-first century. The Arab-Israeli clash is the main target of this ebook however it additionally examines: Arab nationalism, particularly in Egypt and Syria; the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979; the reasons and outcomes of 3 wars related to Iraq; the expansion of political Islam and Islamic fundamentalism within the center East.

Throughout the e-book, key dates, phrases and concerns are highlighted, and historic interpretations of key debates are defined. precis diagrams are incorporated to consolidate wisdom and figuring out of the interval, and exam-style questions and counsel written via examiners give you the chance to strengthen examination talents.

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How does this add to our understanding of the origins of the Arab–Jewish conflict? (d) Sources A, C and E all provide some support, even if indirectly, for the view that it was the Palestinian Arab refusal to accept the UN partition plan that led to increased conflict. • • • Source A recognises that conflict originated in the clash of two ‘nationalisms’ but that it was the Arabs who opposed partition. It also believes, rather optimistically, that a UN solution might lessen the opposition and, by implication, the danger of conflict.

These events are considered under the following headings: • • • • • Egypt and the Suez crisis The Suez War 1956 The causes of the Six-Day War 1967 The Six-Day War and its results From war to peace: Yom Kippur to Camp David 1973–8 Key dates 1949 1952 1954 1955 1956 1964 1965 1966 1967 First Arab–Israeli war ended in defeat for Arabs King of Egypt overthrown by army officers Nasser became President of Egypt February Israeli attack on Gaza September Egypt announced Czech arms deal July Nationalisation of Suez Canal October 29 Israeli forces invaded Egypt October 31 British and French bombed Egyptian airfields November 6 UN ceasefire and Anglo-French withdrawal from Egypt Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) established Fatah carried out its first raid on Israel Egypt signed a defence agreement with Syria April 7 Air fight between Israeli and Syrian planes May 15 Nasser moved Egyptian troops into Sinai 36 | Crisis in the Middle East: Israel and the Arab States 1945–2007 May 22 1970 1973 1978 1979 1981 Nasser closed the Straits of Tiran to Israeli shipping May 30 Jordan signed a defence treaty with Egypt June 5–10 Six-Day War November UN Resolution 242 Anwar Sadat became President of Egypt October 6–24 Yom Kippur War Camp David Agreement between Egypt and Israel Treaty of Washington between Egypt and Israel Assassination of President Sadat 1 | Egypt and the Suez Crisis Israel and its Arab neighbours Israel and Syria In 1949, the UN had persuaded Israel and Syria to agree to a demilitarised zone along their border.

The Arabs felt that the USA had bullied the UN into creating the new state of Israel. They now suspected that the Western powers, such as Britain, France and the USA, would use Israel as a base from which to keep an eye on the Arab states. There was no peace treaty between Israel and any of the Arab states and the ceasefire lines continued to be a source of tension, sometimes fighting. Key terms Arab–Israeli Wars in 1956, 1967 and 1973 | 37 Reprisal An act of retaliation against an enemy to stop them from doing something again.

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