A Symposium on Calcium and Cellular Function by A.W. Cuthbert PDF

By A.W. Cuthbert

ISBN-10: 1349009059

ISBN-13: 9781349009053

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ISBN-13: 9781349009077

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CHAPMAN, D. & DAWSON, R. M. C. (1969). Biochim. biophys. Acta, 183, 320. HAUSER, H. & DAwsoN, R. M. C. (1967a). Eur. J. , 1, 61 HAUSER, H. & DAWSON, R. M. C. (1967b). Biochem. , 105,401 HAUSER, H. & DAWSON, R. M. C. (1968). Biochem. , 109, 909 HAYDON, D. A. & TAYLOR, J. (1963). J. theoret. , 4, 281 HENDRICKSON, H. S, & FULLINGTON, J. G. (1965). Biochemistry, 4, 1599 HoDGKIN, A. L. & KEYNES, R. D. (1957). J. , 138, 253 HOFER, M. & KLEINZELLER, A. (1963). Physio/. , UEJO, H. & YAMAucm, A. (1967).

10). u"' '0 Q) ~UJ '0 "' ;!. 0 10 Q) u 0 g. 9 "0 ·~0" e 0 c -1 0 u ~ £! -2 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 C atoms in amine FIG. 10. Displacement of Ca + from phosphatidylinositol monolayers (10 dyne/em) by adding straight chain aliphatic amines to the subphase. 45 2 of the C 2 -C 6 amines. Calculations and the building of molecular models show that if it is assumed that the protonated amino group of the displacing amine is in the same plane as the interfacial phosphate groups of the phospholipid, the C 7 chain would just reach into the hydrophobic fatty acyl chain region of the phospholipid assuming that the head group of the latter has a vertical orientation.

5b). Moreover, at the stimulus intensity illustrated in Fig. 5b, an envelope bounding the peaks of the calcium transients during the tetanus is very similar to the shape of the transient in the long duration pulse (Fig. 5a). This decline in the light emission seems to be dependent on the membrane depolarization. At low stimulus intensities, both for the long duration pulse and the tetanus, the slow fall is not observed, although the calcium transient at these intensities is still sufficient to produce a detectable tension response.

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