A Neuro-Psychoanalytical Dialogue for Bridging Freud and the by Sigrid Weigel, Gerhard Scharbert PDF

By Sigrid Weigel, Gerhard Scharbert

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The ebook provides an summary of the time period neuropsychoanalysis and strains its ancient and clinical foundations in addition to its cultural implications. It additionally turns its consciousness to a couple blind spots, open questions, and to what the long run may well carry. It examines the cooperative and conflicted dating among psychoanalysis and neuroscience. Articles from diversified fields examine the neurological foundation of psychoanalysis in addition to the mental phrases of neurology. additionally they talk about what psychoanalysis has to provide neuroscience. moreover, the rising neuro-psychoanalytical discussion is enriched right here by means of the voice of a culturally proficient heritage of technological know-how. The e-book brings top specialists on those issues into dialog with one another, developing an exceptional chance to raised comprehend the ‘language’ of the psyche. particular matters contain the dialogue of corporeality, how the physique figures into psychoanalysis, the which means of the subconscious in reference to desires, subconscious fantasies, and the sphere of epigenetics. Following a old point of view the e-book offers a re-reading of Freud's force conception, exploring his idea of ‘life’ on the threshold of technological know-how and tradition in addition to the connection among a number of representations, somatic states and the starting place of force. total, the ebook argues that if different methodological techniques of psychoanalysis and neuroscience are said not just for his or her person specialty but in addition as a dialectic, then the ensuing epistemological and methodological discussion may open up a desirable physique of neuropsychoanalytical knowledge.

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However, this is just a starting point. We have pioneered an example of how such clinical observations can be extended by using experimental neuropsychological tools. We have also already alluded to the multiple converging methods that were used to establish the neural organisation of dream psychodynamics. But numerous other approaches are possible. Thus, to take a relatively extreme instance, one might manipulate different neuropeptides in research participants who are themselves psychoanalysts and then have them describe their subjective states, using their expertise in doing so 2 What Is Neuropsychoanalysis?

1991). Maternal representations of attachment during pregnancy predict the organization of infant-mother attachment at one year of age. Child Development, 62, 891–905. , & Turnbull, O. H. (2004). Wishful reality distortions in confabulation. Neuropsychologia, 42, 727–744. , Conway, M. , & Kopelman, M. (2008a). Self-serving confabulation in prose recall. Neuropsychologia, 46, 1429–1441. , Conway, M. , & Solms, M. (2008b). Is the content of confabulation positive? An experimental study. Cortex, 44, 764–772.

Thus, the last half-century has seen a dramatic advance in our understanding of episodic memory (Scoville and Milner 1957), visual attention (Posner et al. 1982), executive control (Shallice 1988) and visually guided action (Milner and Goodale 1993), to mention but a few relevant examples. However, as we have suggested elsewhere (Turnbull and Solms 2007, 1083–1084), these findings in cognitive neuroscience have limited implications for psychoanalysis. Of potentially greater importance are developments in the last two decades in the domain of affective neuroscience (Damasio 1994, 1999, 2011; Le Doux 1996, 2000; Panksepp 1998; Panksepp and Biven 2012; Turnbull and Solms 2007, 1084–1085).

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A Neuro-Psychoanalytical Dialogue for Bridging Freud and the Neurosciences by Sigrid Weigel, Gerhard Scharbert

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