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By Steve Winter, Terry Philips

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Ly interro gat e him. Koth is one of the commanders of the Red Hand forces , but he' s also t he newcomer. Azar r Kul has n 't entrust ed him with everything yet , but Koth can still give the PCs a lot of info rmat ion if they ask the right q uestions. He ca n ce rtainly provide t he sa me amo unt of inform at ion known to a captured gob lin or hobgob lin fro m elsewhere in the keep (see pag e 26) . owing facts. The Red Ha nd ho rde is gath e ring at Cinder Hill, preparing to ma rch o n Dre Uin's Fe rry.

Le t the players argue the ir case for w hichever response they favor. If you feel they have argued persuasively, Iheir po sit ion should carry the day. Since the PCs are probably arguing fora position favored by at least one of rhe co uncil me mbers, all they really need to d o is co nv in ce the o the r two who hold solid positions-Speaker W ist on is u nd ecided , a nd Cap ta in Sor an na doesn't want to bu lly h im in to agre ei ng w ith her. feren t to o pposing argumen ts. Specific evidence or accomplishme nts the PCs present can st reng the n their argume nts, as ind icated be low.

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