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By G. Adams, T. Peck, H. Piotrowski

ISBN-10: 0957898061

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He never says anything in meetings. 2 Pierre likes going to parties and meeting new people. He's extremely la 3 Our new manager has lots of new ideas, and she always finds good solutions to problems. She's very at . 4 You're late again. Could you try to be a bit more ct ? 5 lam t and I would really like to become head of my department one day. 6 Lucy is very else. 0 d-w . She works longer hours than everyone Complete the sentences with words from the box. Write 0 if no word is missing. with (x2) on for (x2) to at 1 A motivating manager e n c o u r a g e s e m p l o y e e s to work well.

D) It was all in last year's annual report. e) No, 1 didn't. 1 came by car. f) On 26 February. g) Really? 1 thought everyone in the office knew! h) Well, 1 think she didn't get on with the new manager. i) Were you? Did you see a doctor? i) Yeah. 1 left my car at home too. © Put the words in the questions in the correct order. 1 they / punctual / Were / ? Were they punctual? 2 a / Did / he / in / like / team / to / work / ? 3 they / Were / hard-working / ? 4 colleagues / her / popular / Mrs Whitehead / Was / with / ?

A 4 . b) They haven't been very successful Q Complete the telephone conversation with the items in brackets. Use the present perfect or the simple past. Rose: Hi, Michelle. I'm calling about our advert for the post of personal assistant. Wybo^txprtSStd% {anybody I express)iany interest yet? Michelle: Yes, it's all going very well. We (receive)* thirty-one applications so far. And yesterday alone about ten people (phone)3 for further details of the job. Rose: Excellent. So how many applicants select) {you / Michelle: Well, I (start)5 working on the selection as soon as I (arrive)6 this morning.

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101 helpful hints for IELTS by G. Adams, T. Peck, H. Piotrowski

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